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  • SYNCHRON-ized vs. MIR


    I'm rebuilding my Dorico template for the Synchronized libraries. This template is based on mostly Synchronized libraries, hosted by VEPro.

    The most obvious solution would be to just use the SYzd libraries with the IR and effect chain turned on. However, this solution would have some problems:

    a) Instruments will be tied to Synchron Stage, and require laborious reprogramming if a different room is needed.

    b) Volume and Pan would have to be readjusted for each instrument when used with Dorico (that is resetting these parameters at playback start). This would have to be done by entering the corresponding CC data in the Dorico project (a very time-consuming task).

    So, I'm planning to add the SYzd libraries with IR and effects turned off, and the MIR plugin embedded in VEPro turned on. Related to the above, this would have two advantages:

    a) Replacing the room would be just a matter of selecting all the MIR icons in each instance, and force-reset the MIRx positions and parameters.

    b) Dorico will continue to send a reset for CC7 and CC10, but these values can already be normalized in the SYzd instruments loaded in VEPro. Mixing will be done in MIR.

    Do you see issues with my plan? Is there something I'm not considering? The MIR version embedded in VEPro seems to be very efficient, so I don't think the system will suffer.


  • Makes sense!

    Just turn off (or re-set) all related pre-processing like panning, volume settings and of course pre-EQ in the player when you plan to use Synchronized editions with MIR Pro.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you, Dietz! I'll go for the MIR solution, and setup all the basic parameters as suggested.