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  • Advice about production


    I am having a weird issue with recordings made with virtual instruments, I currently use VSL with either Sibelius or Dorico. The final mix sounds very good on my head phones.

    However, whenever I play my virtual recordings on a HiFi speaker system the sound quality of the sound is diminished. I do not know how to describe this in technical terms, but it sounds 'boxed in' and the strings sound more synthy.

    This problem is not likely do do with the speaker system or receiver as they are pretty high quality and I listen to standard orchestral recordings fine.

    As an amateur composer with no knowledge of sound mixing and production, I was wondering if there is some missing post processing step to make the audio sound good irrespective of whether its played on headphones or loudspeakers? I currently do not use any special reverb like MIR, just the default in VI pro.

    Any thoughts appreciated.



  • well, we don't know your headphones or speakers, chances aren't 0 your headphones are the type that add enhancement, typically at the low and high end in what we call a smile EQ characteristic.

    But in a larger sense, you're not going to mix in a notation application sufficiently, are you. The output will tend to be pretty flat in both the figurative and literal (no depth) senses. Mixing is like any other discipline, needs a few years of practice. I didn't have what I'd call a good or even very decent mix for around 3 years after I started creating compositions in a DAW.