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  • MIR Pro: How to widen the stereo image (Outriggers)

    As we don't have outriggers in MIR Pro, I wonder what is the best way to "imitate" them, i.e. to get a wider stereo width. I'm very happy with the sound I get from my current microphone setup in MIR Pro and don't want to change the settings I have with the Synchron Stage. My current sound is something similar like a decca tree, but without outriggers.

    I already experimented with the balance of the individual microphone capsules, but it doesn't result in the kind of width you get with outriggers.

    So, I need something POST MIR Pro. I already tried Power Panner, but the sound gets some kind of narrower instead of wider.

    Any ideas what to use?

  • Have you ever tried using an M/S imager instead of a simple panner? I mentioned this recently in an interview I gave to Giovanni Rotondo for his film scoring blog, and judging by the reactions, it's a bit new territory for many. :-)


    (... don't miss part 1 and 2, BTW! ;-) ...).

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Nice interview! Always interesting to read something about MIR Pro.

    Thanks for the hint, I will try and experiment with the M/S imager. Another thing which came to my mind: We don't have outriggers, but would it technically be possible to increase the distance of the individual capsules of the secondary microphone? Now we "only" have 1 metre, I think. Would this make sense to have, let's say, 10 metres? Just an idea... :) 

  • Great idea. ;-D

    Thing is that this "distance" is just a virtual one anyway. It only affects the phase relations between the individual (virtual) capsules, and only during the diffuse, late part of the reverb. We developed this as a tool to increase the perceived "enveloping" of the hall. The notion of "1 meter" has just been added to make this feature easier to grasp (... "0 - 100 percent" is less sexy, isn't it?).

    Outriggers are mainly defined by the typical runtime-differences of a signal source once it reaches the left and the right capsule. This is not possible to achieve by means of coincident microphones like the Ambisonics mics used for capturing MIR's Venues. ... and no, adding delay to MIR's virtual capsules is not the same. ;-)

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library