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  • Schoenberg, Farben

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    And now, for something really Viennese! I've been working Farben (or “Summer Morning by the Lake”), one of the pioneering orchestral pieces written by Schoenberg in 1909, and a particularly revolutionary one. So much that many of the techniques can be found in not less revolutionary works of decades later (think to Ligeti, or even later the Tangerine Dream).

    The score is continuously changing density and timbre. Sections vary the number of lines and divisi, going from soli to the occasional full. Their lines may intersect. Con sordino and senza sordino are continuously meeting. I assigned strings divisi to the full Orchestral Strings, but Dimension Strings would be a more accurate tool.

    I used the old VI library, together with MIR PRO, to test my renewed Dorico template. Adapting it to the Synchronized version will let me access Dimension Strings in an easier way.

    Schoenberg, Farben (VI)


  • I've updated the mockup to the revised VI template I (think to have) just finished. In the end, accessing the separate Dimension instruments was not difficult at all, apart for having to rewire things manually.

    The "old" VI series is all but obsolete, in my view. I still find it stunningly realistic. The Synchron Player has added some incredibly useful features that I can't wait to put to test with the new template I'm building.


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