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  • VEPRO and Crash Handler crashing


    I'm working with the latest versions of VEPRO, VIPRO, and Dorico. I'm on Mac Mojave. 64 GB of RAM. I didn't notice this type of problem before, but now it is constantly repeating.

    1. Open VEPRO, the Dorico.

    2. Open a big template recalling a full orchestra in Dorico, VIPRO and MIR PRO.

    3. The loading starts. At a certain point, VEPRO crashes.

    4. I enter my data in Crash Handler and click on Send. Crash Handler freezes, and I have to force-quit it.

    5. Relaunch VEPRO, that relaunches MIR PRO. I have to choose a room in MIRx Mode.

    6. It happens again.

    7. I repeat the recover operation, including force-quitting Crash Handler.

    This time loading completes, apparently with everything in order.


  • Hi Paolo, 

    Please send us the crash report you get:, with a link to this thread. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL