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  • [SOLVED] Synchron Player issue keyswitching via Keyboard Controller (RESOLVED)



    I'm having a strange issue with the VSL Synchron Player, when I press any of the Key-Switch keys using my Keyboard controller to change an articulation in the Tree, it does not show that Key being pressed, and the articulation does not change, when I play the normal playable range the keys do react on the Synchron Player's virtual keyboard, and reflect the notes I'm playing on my keyboard controller.


    I noticed there was an update for the Synchron Player, ver. 1.1.2053, which was posted on 11-15-21 , so I installed this latest update, but it's still behaving the same way, I can't change articulations via my controller keyboard, if I click on the Synchron virtual keyboard in the Key-switch area/range, the articulations do change, but not when I use my keyboard controller.


    Any idea what's going on here. I tested my Keyboard controller with Kontakt for Key-switches, to see if there is a problem, and it works fine, don't have this issue.


    Is there a setting that I need to change ? I have never experienced this issue using Synchron Player. 


    Any help/feedback to fix this issue would be appreciated. 


    I'm using Studio One Pro 5.4.2 on Windows 10. 


    I should also add that the Synchron Player is taking more than usual to load as an empty instrument, and also more than usual to load presets. Not sure if I can fix this, it used to be very snappy, and fast. something seems to affect its performance in terms of loading. Any feedback on this detail as well would be very helpful. (THANKS).




  • Hi, 

    I should add to my post above, that I also see some odd note data when I load a Synchron Player Library in Studio One Pro 5.4.1. The Key-Editor shows dark brown notes for some of the Key-Switches of the Preset, they are not selectable, or editable. They just appear in the Key-Editor. 

    So, something is very strange here with regards to the Key-Switches, and Studio One. The Sound Variations work, but if I need to switch to a specific articulation via pressing a key-switch note on my Keyboard it doesn't work. Nothing happens. 

    Here is a Pic of the key-switch notes that appear automatically in the key-editor. when a Preset is loaded

    I e-mailed VSL-Support about this problem, hopefully they can help me fix this issue if it's on my side, or they might have to fix it via an update. If anyone using S1Pro , I would appreciate it if you can test, and see if you have this issue. (THANKS). 


  • Hi,

    OK, issue is RESOLVED. 

    The solution was very simple, I just had to go to the Sound-Variations in Studio One, and from the popup menu in the upper tab of the Sound-Variations popup window, choose "Use Activation Sequence", I had one of the other options selected, which disables the Keyboard controller from Changing Key-Switches. 

    Here is a pic of that menu, and setting that you need to have the Keyboard select the key-switches to change articulations. 

    I hope this is helpful info. for other S1Pro users.