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  • VEPro /// instance in Cubase 11


    Thought I should use the VST3 version of Vienna Ensemble Pro, having previously been using the x64 option.

    A x64 instance is nice and simple. In Cubase, there's a single Instrument associated with the connected Ensemble instance. (that's using Cubase's terminology -- there are different VSL instruments on different channels of the Cubase instrument, obviously.)

    With a VST3 Cubase Instrument, when I go to select the output for the MIDI track I want to assign, there is now  a list of eight MIDI Ins:

    01 Vienna Ensemble Pro MIDI In 1
    01 Vienna Ensemble Pro MIDI In 2 ... etc

    For the project I'm attempting to work on, I have five VEPro instances, so the list now runs to 40 options. Is there some way to restrict these to one per instance?

  • See in "Preference" to set the number of midiport & the audio input/output

  • Got it, thanks.