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  • VEPro are not "advertising on local network"

    This situation is driving me nuts.

    I have a PC server and a Mac Pro 5.1 with VEPro 7 installed. All instances on the Mac Pro are "advertised" correctly and it doesn't matter if I use the AU version of VEPro on my main machine (Mac Pro 6.1) in Logic or the VST version in Cubase.

    But the situation is much different with my PC. 4 out of 5 times I can't "see" my instances on the PC server if I connect from Cubase, using the VST version of VEPro!

    So conclusion must be, since connecting to the PC server using the AU version is working, that it has to do with the VST version.

    I have set-up the PCserver with the inbound rules as written in the manual, but it's not working reliable.
    Sometimes it seem that I can connect to A NEW instance from Cubase by giving the IP-address, but it's far from working smooth.

    Can anyone help me??

    Everything - I mean EVERYTHING - is updated to the latest version.

    Hope to hear from YOU!

    Regards Stig

  • It appears to scan correctly, and when I click on it to load it in VE Pro, it actually does load, but the GUI does not appear.  I should say that it previously worked just fine.