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  • Any plans on Synchron-ized Harp?

    Your harp is still my number one, so looking forward to the Synchron-ized versions.

    Thanks so much--


  • Hi

    I hope Synchron Harp will come first. A new harp recorded at Synchron Stage would be great.


  • So I believe there are a couple of options available in regards to this. 

    1. SYNCRHON-ized Special Edition Vol. 1 has the SE version of the harp available if you don't need much in regards to articulations/techniques and velocity layers. 
    2. MIRx Synchron Stage for the VI version of the harp.
    3. Placing the harp in the Synchron Stage in MIR Pro/24. 

    I'd recommend taking advantage of the discounts of the Synchronized SE versions if you want to get started using the harp in a SYNCHRON-ized setting. But if you're still looking for the same playability from the VI version I'd say go with option 2 or 3. Cheers!