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  • [SOLVED] Discount for synchronized Special Edition 2 Plus not shown

    Hi, I own the Special-Edition Volume 1 and 2 Basic and 1 and 2 Plus, but when I try to upgrade to the Synchronized version the Synchronized Edition 2 Plus shows up there full price. Its that normal? Thanks

  • Hi - I have a similar situation. ( I think.)

     Over past two days, I have purchased the Synchronized Flute and Oboe Ens at 'My Price' of 50 Euros instead of the regular price of 85 Euros. I assume that the reason for the discount is that I own the non-Synchronized version of theses ensembles. I just went to upgrade to the Synchronized Clarinet Ensemble but 'My Price' is now back up to 85 Euros even though, as with the Flute and Oboes, I own the non-Synchronized version of the Clarinets. I was expecting the price to by 50 Euros. I have made a post in this discussion but no one has yet to respond.


  • Hi everybody, 

    Please contact our sales team directly with such specific questions:!

    We'll find out what's going on. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi - I had the same issue and VSL support suggested that I clear my browser history and I just did and the discounted price now shows correctly.