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  • Sorabji Symphony project complete.

    VSL for me has been a single project for the last 11 years and creating a virtual performance of Kaikhosru Sorabji's monumental Symphony no 2 'Jami'. Jami being a Persian poet one of whose poems is set for solo baritone in the fourth movement. It has been created using Sibelius and the Symphonic Cube (so pre sycnhronised and big bang librarys).

    This link is to the playlist in youtube hosting the four movements:

    Each video includes commentary on the music and in the 2 hour 3rd movement a description of how the performance was created and liberal quotes from Sorabji's ascerbic and thought provoking pen. The description of each video also contains links to .flac files hosted in dropbox if you want to download the uncompressed audio.

    The timings are 1st Mvt 01:34:00, 2nd Mvt 23:40, 3rd Mvt 02:03:45, 4th Mvt 44:17, total playing time 5hrs 25mins.

    The orchestration is 2+4+alt flt, 4+1+bss obo, 2Eflat clt+4+1+cbs clt, 4+1+cbs sar/8 6 4 4/4tym 6prc 4hrp pno org/bar SSAATTB.

    If you are reluctant to dip your to in the ocean try the short 2nd Mvt scherzo:

    The baritone soloist in the 4th movement is actually VSL's tenor soloist as the part is very high and I preferred the sound. He can of course only sing 'ahh' but the accompanying video has the lyrics.

    The music is extraordinarily complex but entirely tonal and approachable - closest sound world would be Symanowski/Busoni. Sorabji's orchestral music is very different to his piano music.

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