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  • Replicate a speciffic type of sound

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    Hello. I have a question/challenge for those who might be interrested to help. I have full syncron strings package and i nede help/tips/guidance/answer to if it is possible to replicate The sound of the strings in the Tony bennet/sting song in the link from YouTube postes furter down. Will it be possible to Get near this sound, or close. I am ofcourse Aware of that nothing beats the sound of real strings, but if its possible to replicate this type with the libraries i have, or hos close is it possible to Get, and hos/what to do to replicate this. If i am tøying to replicate something thats not possible please let me know. Or do i ned other libraries, layered etc? if someone Are interrested in help me i will ofcourse pay for this. Here is the link.

    Help is apretiated