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  • Half pedaling in Synchron pianos


    I've recently bought the Synchron Yamaha CFX and I think it's a beautiful piano. However, I have an issue with half pedaling that someone may have a solution for. My midi controller is a Yamaha N1 and it sends continuous midi data (CC64) for the sustain pedal. It does however, like many other Yamaha models, send continuous values from about 1-80 and then it jumps to 127. According to VSL, the half pedal in the Synchron player operates in the range of 26-102 CC64 value. This causes a problem in the Synchron player where I can't have the full half pedal range. It's most noticeably when I round off notes with a "half short" release of the pedal. One example is if I play short staccato bass notes that I want to make rounder with the pedal, it creates nasty artifacts as the CC64-value drops from 127 to around 80 and causes a "gap" in the half pedal range from 102-80. I have tried to adjust the slider for half pedaling in the Edit tab but there doesn't seem to be a way that I can access the full range of half pedaling effect. I was thinking if there is a way to re-map the values for my sustain pedal in a similar way that you can re-map note-on values with the velocity curve in the Synchron player? Or maybe I can do that in programs like MainStage or Logic and run the Synchron CFX in there?

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    Is there a work around for this? I'm facing the same problem with a Kawai F-30 triple pedal.

    EDIT: Fixed it. I just discovered the "Half pedal range" under the Edits tab.

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