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  • mac os monterey

    Hello, I am vienna ensemble7 user. When will vienna ensemble7 be available on Mac os?
    Currently, only a black screen is displayed.

  • All my VSL plugins, in MacOS Monterey are just black screens - none of them work properly in Logic Pro X. Includes all VI, VI Pro, Synchron Pianos, etc.


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    I must confirm that the Monterey upgrade did indeed break the GUIs of our VSL plugins. Our developers are looking into the situation right now to find a solution and a fix as soon as possible. This is the other thread that as opened in this forum.

    I am very sorry about this unpleasant situation and for not having better news in this regard at the moment.

    As always with the .0 versions of new OSs, we suggest to test your individual environment on a dedicated partition before transferring your work there.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding,

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL