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  • RESOLVED - Issue with Internal vs external SSD

    Hi - I have one internal SSD and one external SSD. I have various VSL instruments on each, primarily, because one drive is new and some samples have issues streaming on the new drive. I tried a test by loading and running BBO Andromeda from the two drives and changing the database settings in the Synchron player when needed.

    (D:) Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA NTFS

    (I:)  Samsung Portable SSD 1TB USB NVMe NTFS  (New drive)

    The Andromeda samples load very fast from both drives. However, when testing the (I:) drive, most played long notes choke and stutter after a few seconds and the CPU monitor shows a spike. The (D:) test does not exhibit any of that behavior and all samples play perfectly. 

    The VSL libraries are not the only ones that have this issues. Other company libraries show the same. 

    I did not change any sound card settings for either test and they remain:

    ASIO - Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO 512 Samples @44,100Hz

    I do not know what to look for next.



  • Hi - I started thinking that the behavior was such that the SSD was transferring data faster that the 'pipe' or the CPU or the Player could handle. I know that my computer has two USB 3 and three USB 2 ports. So I took the SSD and plugged it into one of the USB 2 ports. I loaded Andromeda and noticed that it was loading at a bit slower rate; not considerable but still noticeable. Once loaded, I could play the instrument without issue,