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  • Differences bet. VI Contrabass Clar and Synchron-ized

    very few differences I can see; are there enhancements beyond having the room in a convolution for the reverb channel?

    Also it seems odd that as one who has bought Synchron-ized Woodwinds full and has piccolo flute, flutes 1&2, alto flute, bass flute, bass clarinet and clarinet 2 there is no break in the retail price

    the size on disc is larger for the VI

  • and there's a sforzatissimo not in the older one

    appears in the manual tho. so there's no actual difference except the synchron convo, looks like

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    We are revising and adapting all samples for SYNCHRON-ized versions as well. Details, but important details 😊. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Oh well, I went for the VI and saved 8 euro. I think I like the interface a little better for this kind of thing, and it's very much the kind of instrument I'm going to use up a slot in MIR 24 for anyway (MIRx is sometimes kind of weak as is, and I can help things considerably in MIR.)