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  • Ve Pro 7 cannot see Vst 2

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to install a library called ConTimbre on my slave PC where all my other libraries are. My master is a MAC.

    The installation on the PC seems allright but VE Pro just can't see the vst 2, a .dll file in C/:Vstplugins.

    I know how to locate and scan but neither the standalone nor the server, 32 or 64 bits can't see it. When testing installation directly on the MAC, VE Pro sees it without problem. I have no trouble with any of my other libraries on the PC.

    The only suspicious thing is that the Max windows that opens with the player says : viddll engine not installed : video playback capabilities will be limited, please install VIDDLL package from Package Manager (Flie-Show Package Manager)

    Any idea where the problem might come from?


  • I suspect conTimbre is now VST3, and I think VEPRO is not yet VST3-compliant. Just a guess by memory.


  • Hi Paolo, (It's Québ from Dorico's forum)

    The eplayer in C/:vstplugins is supposed to be vst2, the vst3 version is located in another file. VEP does load it on the MAC.

    The guy from ConTimbre says it does work on PC but not with the server version of VEP. I really don't get it, since both the server and the standalone works perfectly on the MAC and the plateform shouldn't be a problem. After all this is one of the big advantage of VE PRO... When I'll have a bit of time, I'll download a musical software on my PC to see if the plugin works without passing through VEP.

    Ti ringrazio,