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  • Using more than one MIR Roompack for different tracks?


    Experimenting with using MIR 24 in a classic rock/pop context. So far, it is working great. I was curious about whether it was possible to route to two different instances of MIR within the same project (running it from Studio One). For example, I'd like to use Teldex for the instrumentation, but maybe have some of the vocals going through Mystic Spaces. 


  • Right now, this is only possibly by means of a little trick: Use MIR Pro in its plug-in version directly in your DAW for the one, and hosted by VE Pro for the other Venue. The latter is especially handy if you plan to use one instance as some kind of "AUX-send/wet only" effect, because it keeps the CPU load caused by the VE Pro's "Audio In" low.

    Another tried-and-tested (but admittedly less practical) workaround is to freeze or bounce certain tracks using one Venue and switch to a second one for other signals.


    Sidenote: The upcoming MIR 3D will allow for "tabbed" setups, i.e. multiple Venues at the same time (see preliminary screenshot below)


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks, Dietz. For what I'm doing, I suppose bouncing the vocal tracks to another DAW session and then rendering a few tests, bouncing, and importing back into the session would probably be the best route for me for now. 

  • I've been putting the orchestral instruments in Synchron Wide with the more sound-designy synthetic things in Pernegg Monastery all along. It just means more than one instance of VE Pro.