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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro High CPU Usage on Idle

    Hi community! 

    I recently started building a fresh template and investigated a lot about how to achieve the best performance workflow. So based on many tests including mine, I did One Kontakt per Instrument and limited myself to 7 VEP instances. 

    Anyway, what's the issue - I noticed that even on disabled instances, my CPU is in the range from 0,1% to 20% all the time, with all disabled Kontakt and even disabled instances(it's the same behavior). It stays 20% for a minute then drops to 0,1 and goes back again.

    Further, I did the following settings which I am suspecting that they are causing the issue: 

    Multiprocessing: 2 Threads(Tried 1 to 8, it's the same behavior)

    MIDI Ports: 16 Per Instance

    Audio Outputs: 256 Per instance (I wanted to go into my daw with all separated inputs, I suspect this is causing the problem?)

    Audio Inputs: 16 Per instance.


    Any advice on how I can change my workflow in order to avoid those CPU variations?

    Thank you!


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    HI deemarcus,

    Sounds like this could be related to auto-saving in your sequencer... with so many potential ports / automation lanes, it can take some juice.

    What happens if you switch off auto-saving and/or use the DECOUPLE mode of VE Pro 7?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL