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  • [SOLVED] VEP 7 Pro Tools > MIDI Greyed Out


    Today I loaded my PT session without launching VEP first. I quit PT, launched VEP and then relaunched PT with my current project but now all my midi is greyed out. VEP shows it's loaded the instruments but not the correct patches. Unfortunately, I did not save the project instances within VEP.

    Is there a way to reconcile PT and VEP in the state that it was before today? I used time machine, loading yesterday's PT session but the problem persisted. 

    Any tips/solution welcomed. 



    Mac OS Big Sur / Mac Pro 7,1 /  PT 2021.7 / VEP 7

  • you may need to re-patch the MIDI inputs in Pro Tools instrument tracks if something got corrupted in the confusion. I have also had the problem where a saved Pro Tools session looking for VEP when template isn't loaded, it will call up a 'ghost' instance of whatever was patched there, so look in VEP to be sure you don't see 2 copies of your instances, one with instruments loaded and one named "Strings 2" for example, that is just a channel strip. you'll need to disconnect in Pro Tools, delete the bad instances in VEP, re-save your template, then reconnect in protools.  Grey MIDI tracks sounds like the input is not routed for some reason though so check that first.

  • Thanks so much for your helpful response! And yes, after your suggestion, I was able to reconcile PT and VEP. I had to finally restart my computer after a few tries. So no more grey midi tracks as they are now able to recognize/reconnect to the inputs from its corresponding instruments in VEP. Thanks again for chiming in, jdk90026!!