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  • Where can I go to hear the driest Synchron Percussion examples?

    Are there demos or videos available which can demonstrate the close mics (only) for the Synchron Percussion series? I would like to hear examples.

  • Donno, look for walkthroughs at Youtube.
    IME the close mics with no Room Mix or Mains or Surround activated is just about dry as a bone.

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    Hi Virtual Virgin,

    We have not prepared such demos yet... but I'm sure there will be more demos and walkthroughs available soon.

    Just a thougth: If you are looking for dry percussion samples, maybe our VI Percussion instruments are what you are looking for (currently 35% off!).

    The room signature of Synchron Stage Vienna will always be audible with our Synchron Series products, also with the close mics.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL