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  • Synchron pianos previously rock crashing?

    Sorry for the very general thread title. I'm running the most recent version of Synchron piano player on Windows 10, BTW.

    I've never had any trouble at all with Synchron Pianos - they've run like a dream (I'm using standalone).

    Seemingly out of the blue, I'm now having regular, abrupt crashes. It often happens when I've got YouTube running in Chrome as I work through tutorials. However, it *also* happens when I've got nothing but the standalone Synchron player open: I might be playing for a while, or I might only manage a few notes, and the sound will stop for a few seconds before the player closes entirely.

    I'm not getting any dialogue box errors that I could screenshot and pass on. I assume there's a dump file being saved somewhere that might help with diagnosis, but I don't know where to find it.

    Any help appreciated!


    P.S. I say 'out of the blue': I've only experienced this since upgrading Bluethner standard--> full last night, though my daughter assures me it's been happening for the last few days.