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  • VEPRO7 Audio Input + Studio One 5: Crackling w/effect chains

    Fairly new to Vienna, I set up an effects template with VEPRO and Studio One 5 for the first time yesterday, and I had an interesting evening with lots of crackles. Eventually, I realized what was going on, and so I'm sharing my experiences here, in case anyone should encounter the same problem. I didn't find any other posts with this specific issue:

    I set up my reverbs, delays and whatnot in VEPRO and connected to Studio One without any issues. But when I started adding eq to the bus channels in the DAW, I got what appeared to be inconsistent crackling across the board.

    Not a buffer issue, in my case this happened with the Waves SSL E-Channel and Pro EQ with the “High Quality” box enabled.

    As it turns out, the problem occurs when I put these plugins between two channels with VEPRO sends. So, as a result, I always have to put these eq's at the start or at the end of the chain. Some other eq's worked fine all over the place.

    It isn't too much of a bother - the only downside I can think of is that I can't, for example, add these eq's to an “ALL DRUMS” channel with a VEPRO send effect on it - instead, I have to route the channel to a clean one and add the effect there, as shown in the attached image.

    I'm no expert, and there may well be a good reason for this behaviour - but it took me a while to figure it out, so hopefully this will be helpful to anyone finding themselves in a similar pickle.

    (I'm attaching an illustration of the problem with the SSL as an example, just in case my explanation was confusing):


  • Ah, well - the issue isn't merely isolated to the scenario in my first post. I'm sorry to have wasted everyone's time. It's never that easy, is it?

    Various, again seemingly random, combinations of VEPRO send effects also cause distortion. Further investigations are required - the funny thing is, the effects I'm using right now don't amount to much in terms of CPU.

    I'll let you know if I locate the cause of my problem - but only after rigid double-testing this time!

    (I'll edit the headline and remove the original "+solution" part if I can)

  • I'm having noise in my fx busses sent to VEpro7.  So far i can't locate any answers why.  Seems VEpro is putting more load on my cpu.  If I do it internally on the host, it's fine.  But if i send out to Vienna.  CPU noise.