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  • [SOLVED] 'Light' selection on Steinway D-274 does not load any samples

    Hi - I cannot seem to get the 'light' version of the Steinway D-274 to load any samples. The non-light version loads and plays fine but when I select the 'light' box at the top of the screen, the interface changes to but 0 samples are loaded.





  • Hi Patrick, 

    Did you check that the sample content of SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Volume 1 is installed and assigned in the Settings => Database?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul - As always, you are correct. 

    I did not realize that were taking the light samples from the D-274 provided with the Special Edition. I thought the light samples came with the Standard Edition download of the piano. 

    I did purchase a new SSD and had moved the Syncro Special Edition folder but did not update the DB.

    Everything works fine

    Thanks again