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  • NEW: SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Packs

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    Hello everybody,

    These historic instruments are indeed a blast from the past, captured with great attention to detail: SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Packs!

    Evocative sounds that can trigger long-forgotten instincts and desires. Exotic names like Ophicleide, Serpent, Baroque Oboe, Oboe da Caccia, Traverso Flute and Cornett will make you check those Wikipedia pages, and of course the powerful ensembles in this package are more than worth a thought:

    4 Recorders
    5 Crumhorns
    3 Natural Trumpets
    10 Natural Horns

    Check out this great selection of instruments, all available in our SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Package or as individual instruments at great introduction pricing and of course with crossgrade prices for all users of our Vienna Instruments Historic Winds I-III!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul, great! Instant buy! I was just working on some Baroque music!

    I guess this also means that wide support for alternative tunings in Synchron Player is coming soon!


  • Paul, can we change the name of the containing folder to "SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds", removing "Packs"? It would be more elegant and more in line with the remaining collections. Will there be some issue with, say, forthcoming updates?

    EDIT: No, I see it is not allowed. The system says that the name can't be changed. If I may suggest it, I would suggest removing the "Packs" part from the name in a future update.