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  • [SOLVED] Synchron Player and Studio One 5.4

    Hi, I am having an issue with Synchron Player in Studio One 5.4.

    If i use VST3 I can't find a way to create my own sound variations because it auto populates them  giving me hundreds of of articulations.

    I have my custom presets for Synchron Player instruments where i have set up the main articulations (Sustain, Legato, Staccato, etc) and all the Vibrato/Attack/Release etc is being controlled via CC from my hardware controller. For other things I also use Velocity and Speed.

    Now, I noticed if I use VST2 the automatic function for Sound Variations is not working, which is fine for me cause I can now create my own few articulations and use CC, but the problem is that Dimensions using Speed or Velocity are being recorded as well as curves in the instrument part, as if they were CCs. This doesn't happen with VST3.

    So my question is: Should i just use VST3? And in that case, is there any way i can set my sound variations setup manually so i decide which articulations i actually want to see and use and how?


  • Nevermind, found a proper way to work with VST3 and CCs by saving out presets from the sound variations editor.