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  • VE Pro 7 Daily Disconnects

    I'm having trouble lately with VEP 7 (latest version) disconnecting some of its instances on a 32-Core AMD 3970X Threadripper slave machine. The primary DAW is the latest version of Pro Tools Ultimate (HDX) on a 6,1 12-Core Mac Pro running Catalina directly connected to the Threadripper computer via a CAT6E cable. I usually have about 14-16 instances of mostly Kontakt 6 running, and every single day at some point, a couple of them disconnect. No MIDI, no audio. Sometimes if I deinstantiate the plug in Pro Tools, reinstantiate, and reconnect, it will work. But other times, the only way to get things going again is to reboot both computers. At the moment, I have VEP set to allocate 2 threads per instance, but I've tried all sorts of other values with no improvement. The machine has 64 threads, of course, and is averaging 30-50%, so this is definitely not a CPU issue. It doesn't look like a general networking issue either as all the other instances stay working just fine with very low latency. Another interested factor is it is never the first 8 instances that disconnect. It's always 1 or 2 of the later tabs. Baffling. Anyone else experiencing something similar? Thanks!