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  • VSL does not take care of its saxophones against Dorico. Sad.

    I bought the saxophone set from VSL. They are wonderful.

    But I find it really unfortunate that Vienna abandons them in the face of software like Dorico. VSL does not offer any Expression Map for its product. However :

    1. Saxophones do not exist in synchronized form.
    2. Importing Expression Map from Cubase does not work.
    3. No third-party vendor takes care of it.

    So you end up with an amazing set of presets, with some fantastic special articulations, and you can't use them in the most advanced writing software.

    What to do (if you are not an expert in programming)?

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    I converted the Cubase expression maps to Dorico some time ago and posted a copy here. These were done over 4 years ago so they are not current with the most recent changes in Dorico, but do work. I have not used them for Saxophones, but the woodwinds and brass expression maps do include support for Saxophones.

    I am not currently using Dorico, so don't plan to update these, but you are welcome to use them as is.

  • I don't have the full sax library, only the SE vol2 in both formats and find that very good for what it is but agree here that a synchronized version would be very welcome and would likely get more support than you might think.