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  • MIR Pro plugin window size (Cubase Pro 11)

    Hi all,

    Some of my plugin windows are extremely small since upgrading to Cubase Pro 11. Is there a way to increase the size ?

    Thanks :)



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    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hey Detz, thanks for your reply.


    The Cubase DPI setting enlarged EVERYTHING in Cubase but had no effect on the MIR Pro windows. The text is still tiny and unreadable.

  • Then I don't know why an upgrade to Cubase 11 could possibly affect the display of MIR Pro, sorry to say so.

    Any chance to try a screen with a different pixel resolution for MIR's main GUI?

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    I am trying out MIR Pro 24 Demo on Windows, as a plugin (not in VEP) and it was super tiny.  I'm still on an ancient Cubase (6.0.7) since my money keeps going to VSL instead of Steinberg 😊

    I got the size more reasonable by right clicking the properties for the Vienna MIR Pro 5 shortcut (by right clicking it when it's open in the taskbar), going to Compatibility tab, click Change high DPI settings, then check Program DPI, check Override high DPI scaling behavior, and select Scaling performed by: Application.

    I have a mix of 3 monitors, and wonder if that confuses things, with one at 4K resolution and 150% scaling, and the others at 1920x1200 portrait and 100%.  I wonder if it depends which one has "Make this my main display" checked in Display settings.