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  • VEPro Grouping Issues!

    After opening a blank template I recently made, a few groups weren't working for a few channels all of a sudden. I then realized the program changed a few of the names of the channels to 1:1, 2:2, etc (see pic). Yet in group settings, they are all named the same way and there's really no way to delete the channels. So what does the double number with the colon mean, and why is the app changing some of the channel names and not others? Doesn't even mention this in the manual.


  • Actually, now it seems that every time I reopen the template, some of the groups are not working, even though they are all enabled in the settings box. And as mentioned, once you create them, there seems to be no way to delete and recreate them from scratch.

  • Hello Kevin, 

    Thanks for reporting!

    As always, it will help tremendously if you could send us a project to reliably reproduce the troubles:, best with exact reproduction steps and overvations.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL