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  • Purging Samples

    Hi there. I am looking for the ability to "Purge" samples within my DAW before saving and closing it out for the evening; The intention is that when I go to open a large project tomorrow, it doesn't take long to load. This also helps with keeping my memory free whilst working. "Purge" is somewhat of a Kontakt term but if you know it and know how to do it on the new Synchron Player, I would really appreciate the insight. Thanks.

  • Hi Nigel!

    You can unload articulations by double-clicking on the slot left to the label.
    The Synchron Player does not offer a Purge feature like Kontakt does, but it includes highly optimized sample streaming, reducing RAM usage.

    Bsst, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • there is an option in the preferences under Engine that you can check that will force disable all slots. I thought that would load Synchron with purged samples, isn't that the case Ben?

  • One advantage of using VePro, is that there is an option in VePro to remove all samples from all VSL instruments...which does what you want globally across all VSL instruments in the project.  

  • Hi Ravez,

    Yes, exactly! This feature does prevent the cells from being active, and therefore no samples are being loaded into the RAM until one double click the cells to enable them.

    Best regards,

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Is this now called "Unload samples with mixer channels"? And ticked by default?

    No user engagement necessary?