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  • In Memoriam Paul T. McGraw

    Hi all,

    I've just learnt that our friend composer Paul T. McGraw passed away last year (2020). He was a devoted christian and excellent composer, always searching for the ideal acoustic to render his truly rich compositions. He was a consequent user of the VSL libraries, so I felt it my duty to communicate his passing away here and convey my sincerest condoleances to his relatives.

    In honour to Paul, his SC page:



  • Thank you, Jos. Some of us already had the news when Paul passed away. A very sad news, and the loss of a very talented man with whom it was easy to be friends.


  • I heard about that and was upset to learn about it - he was a kind and supportive person and a great composer. I particularly remember his Halloween themed tone poem Once Upon a Midnight Dreary that was fantastic and should be played live - he created some really good melodies and orchestration.

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