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  • 1 Mac with windows slave via VMware Fusion

    Hi all, and apologies if this has been addressed before (if so, I can't find it).

    Ive run VEP7 successfully with seperate servers and other Macs as slaves - no problem. However, what Im attempting to do here is run Logic Pro with VEP7 on a fully specced iMac (Big Sur) and use VMware Fusion running VEP7 as a slave. I can load up VEP7 in VMware without any issues and run Windows VST's. However, I can't figure out how to find the server instance internally when switching back to Mac Logic Pro.


    Anyone have any ideas as to how to make the Mac partition "see" the instance within VMware? Any trick that Im missing? The networking from Fusion is set to it doesn't appear within the server instances.


    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dummy alert.

    I was attempting to open a superseded file. How does one delete a thread?


    Sorry about that, folks. Carry on....