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  • VePro Enable/Disable questions

    I am lured now into attempting to streamline the enabling and disabling of channels, groups of channels, folders, and instances in my VePro some kind of way that can be controlled from the DAW.

    I am wondering how other people are handling this.  I understand already there is a possibility to use automation mapping to enable/disable certain things, so I will certainly look into that.

    But I think also there might be further that could be done because one thing I want to do is enable/disable entire folders full of channels, or entire instances....quickly...  And ideally without having to open my VePro window per say.

    I am also not opposed to using solutions such as Keyboard Maestro to automate some things, such that a midi key command can trigger KM, which in turn automates the VePro GUI in order to enable/disable entire instances or folders, etc..

    So my initial question is just an inquiry, how are others handling this?  As we get into it...I may have more specific questions later...or others may have questions as the topic develops.