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  • Mir Pro & 24 with other VST's

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    Please bare with me as I'm new to Mir Pro - I get the basic concept of sampled data - all installed like a library - to host / sub_host machine to run the room packs.

    Is it possible to use ANY other VST fx with MIR PRO / 24?

    As the room packs can only be installed on one dongle I've got an MIR PRO 24 without any room packs which is why I ask if other VST fx can be used with MIR?

    As usual any helpful tips appreciated (with the exception of the forum is not for primary support - 😛)

  • :-D ... sorry if you mistook my hint to VSL's official support address as unfriendly - it wasn't meant like that. The forum is great for chats and the exchange of opinions, but specific support is easier to offer by means of direct communication.

    That said, I can assure you that MIR Pro works great with all kind of signal sources. I use it day in, day out in productions derived from actual orchestral recordings, in mixes of (semi-) acoustic pop/rock tunes, and even in purely electronic genres. 

    But ... re-reading your question I doubt that this was the actual answer. 8-/ I'm not sure what you mean by "Is it possible to use ANY other VST fx with MIR PRO / 24?" ... please elaborate ...


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library