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  • Matelotte: Le Concert ou la Sabatine

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    A traditional contradance from about 1750, found in the collection of the French danse master R. D'Aubat de Saint-Flour, working in Ghent at that time. He collected some 120 dances in a booklet and published it on copper plate with a leather cover. It was sold to the upper middle class and nobility for the price of 2 gold ducats.

    "Propres à exécuter sur toutes sortes d'instruments, avec les basses chiffrées pour le clavecin et une explication raisonnée de chaque contredanse." (These dances were notated as a melody with a figured bass for the use of a harpsichord and a description of the dance itself.)

    Realised with the VSL chamber VI strings, woodwinds and tambourine

    Enjoy the listen


    Le Concert ou la Sabatine

  • Hi Jos,

    that's a nice piece of music. The performance makes my toes move, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it!

  • Thanks, MMKA. I love these little pieces. Some more are to come soon.


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