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  • Synched Solo Violin II with Sibelius


    I am using the full Synch Solo Strings.  I have downloaded the current presit for Sibelius, but the Violin II is randonly plaing pizz instead of any other articulation.


  • Hello Mark!

    It can have different reasons why articulation changes don't work as expected or instruments play on the wrong channel. Did you go through the Troubleshooting section of "Sibelius Integration" tutorial yet? All possible reasons that come to my mind are listed there.

    If you can't find a solution there, please send the following screenshots to
    - Sibelius "Add or Remove Instruments" menu
    - Sibelius mixer
    - Sibelius Playback Devices menu
    - Sibelius Manual Sound Sets page of all loaded devices
    - Vienna Ensemble showing one of the instruments that doesn't work correctly

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Andi.

       I see that the Sibelius documentation has been completely redone. I started going through it using VE5 and VE6, but then started redoing it all again using VE7 to marry the VI and the Synchron together. So far it works great!

        Thanks for the heads up about the Sibelius controller 11 setting.


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