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  • MIR - Synchron instruments

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    Ahoi everybody!

    First of all: @Ben: I have posted this question in VI-Control and I appreciated your answer but since you said that you did not have tried yourself combining MIR with Synchron libraries I hope to get additional feedback/answers here!

    I have Vienna MIR Pro 24 and the RoomPack 6 - Synchron Stage Vienna. Since I like to work with synchron and synchron-ized intruments this allows me to put other libraries instruments (including other vendors) into the same space as the synchron instruments, so far so good.

    I consider buying RoomPack 1 - Vienna Konzerthaus but I am very unsure how to use the synchron or synchron-ized intruments (which have the synchron stage baked in) with this RoomPack. Does it make any sense to use synchron instruments or synchron-ized instruments with the Konzerthaus Roompack?


  • Ben’s answer on vicontrol is correct. Synchronized can easily be used with mir by using the mir mixer preset in synchron. Synchron Instruments you’d have to play with the room mics in synchron’s mixer and turn them all down in hopes that it will be clean enough to use in mir, which may or may not be the case. Some of the synchron room sound will be baked into even the close mics. I found that I could not use css very effectively in mir for example as the close mics have too much room in them. EWHO, on the other hand was much more usable with the close mics they provided, which are less roomy ( but not totally without room ). I don’t own any synchron instruments so I can’t comment further about the close mics recordings and how much synchron hall sound is in them. It’s worth a try, as Ben already suggested, but i would set your expectations appropriately that is not how synchron instruments are designed to be used, they are meant to capture the synchron hall sound more effectively then using IR’s, and in a way that is technically easier to operate then using mirpro and other spatialization techniques. The downside is that the synchron hall sound is baked in, even in the close mics to some degree. But it is always worth a try, the end sound is all that matters. Watch out for mud when combining rooms

  • Of course you can use MIR like any other IR reverb as well. The result will of course not be the same as if you put in a dry sounding library, but as long as it sounds good there is nothing wrong with it.

    If you use MIR with a wet sampled library, I would start by centering the MIR icon relative to the mic-orientation and increase the stereo width so it still fits the room. Also I would not center-pan the original signal if it is already pre-panned. Set the wet-ratio in MIR to something around 20-30%.
    From there you can start experimenting how the sound will change if you move the MIR icon closer to / further from the mic, lower the width and set it off-center, change the rotation.

    Also, many libraries include an IR and/or algorithmic reverbs, and some are not recorded centered, but pan the signal. In these cases I highly recommend to disable all IR/algorithmic and pan FX if possible. It will make it much easier to match the sound of the room you want to use.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist