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  • SyZD Solo Strings & VST Expression maps


    You have created maps for this library, but somehow it doesn't work at all here!

    (Why can't we just drag in screenshots????)

    Let me give you an example: In Cubase I have this 1. violin track routed to my PC Server with VEPro 7 and all my string libraries. In the Expression map window I load the map you supply and here the KS for Sustain is C#0 + C1

    In the VI it's C0+F#0+C1.

    It's an error isn't it?

    Can you help???



  • I'll reply myself!!

    I didn't see that you only provide expression maps for the Basic presets. Sorry!

  • Hello Stig!

    Please also note that the root key in the Cubase Expression Maps Setup window needs to be set to C0. Otherwise the keyswitches get shifted and will not work correctly.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hello Andi!

    Would'nt it be great if we just could access every articulation available in the full version of the patches?
    It's a bit of a pity to not be able to use fully one of Cubase most practical tools...
    If anything... I know that many of us would be curious about knowing how you make/edit EM for Cubase.
    That way we could custom ours, make them more complete and share them with the user community!


    Hello my friends and welcome back, Vincent here | Composer for film and media | VSL Content Creator
  • andiA andi moved this topic from Synchron Series on
  • Hello Vincent!

    Cubase Expression Maps for the full SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings presets would be too big to handle. It would slow down Cubase and the articulation area would take the full screen leaving no space for the actual notes. So such maps would be completely impractical.

    I always make individual maps for our libraries and take care that there are as many articulations as required, but as few as possible. Please understand that I cannot make a tutorial about how to create expression maps. I'm sure other people have done that already. Anyway, I can say that for me it's a mixture of using the Cubase expression maps editor, a text editor and a german website called "Expression Map Editor / Generator".

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I use C-2 as my root key for all libraries, in Cubase 13. I have found a way to make things work with your expression maps, which I prefer to the ones made by Babylonwaves. I have created a Keyboard Maestro macro, that will convert ex. a C2 to a C4.

    Because when I change the root note to C-2, all KS will be transposed down and what was ex F4 before is now F2 colliding with the play-range. I will finish with adding ex "rev" to the map name AND save it to disc.