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  • SYnchron Player: Keyswitching Between Different Articulations

    Any articulation Types that are assigned the same keyswitches seem to always respond regarding the Articulation selected. So if you have Articulation Type under both Shorts & Longs starting at C1, it changes both regardless of which is currently selected. In fact, if you change the keyswitches for Type:Long to start on say C6, it also changes the Type:Short to the same C6. The only way to break this link seems to be to rename one of the columns itself and then change the keyswitch assignment. However, even after doing that, even columns with different names that are set to the same keyswitch assignment always change at the same time. Trying to map separate keyswitches for every articulation can get difficult since there are so many (such as in Strings Pro). But you would usually want to set articulation Types differently for say Shorts vs. Longs. I would thing keyswitches should only work on Articulation Types that are currently selected. Also, Edit groups only seems to link parameters in the Edit tab, not in the Columns above.

  • Could be a “feature” depending on how you look at it. ;-)