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  • Camelot

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    Hi all,

    With this piece I tried to explored the beautyfull C trumpet with its "marcato" samples.

    All instruments are classical VI.

    MIDI Programming was done entirely in Sibelius, mixing took place in Cubase.

    As reverb I used Vienna MIR Teldex Stage with the following settings.

    50% Dry/Wet (with some slight increase to insturments in the back)
    Dry/Wet Offset is - 10
    Distance dependance scaling is off.

    At the end I inserted the MIRacle Teldex Enhancement with a Wet Mix of -15db.

    I also added the Cubase Magneto II Effect at the very end, because I like the sound to be a bit dirty, and not too polished (I honestly dont't know if the effect can be noticed)


    Best regards

  • Quite interesting Stefan. Nice trumpet sound.


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