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  • multiple outputs with vienna instruments / vi pro

    Hi, I am considering the use of vienna instruments / vienna instruments pro with dolby atmos and was wondering whether it would be possible to output/route, within the vi / vi pro player, the wet part of the reverb of mirx or mir pro extensions to another channel (other than e.g. stereo channel 1-2 outputing the dry channel). many thanks in advance!

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    Hi Telemachus,

    You will need MIR Pro and Vienna Ensemble Pro to get these advanced routing options.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Many thanks for the reply. For reference, I also found these instructions which are relevant to VEP usage with MIR pro and how to split wet/dry outputs: May I guess that MIR3D will take this functionality even further with multi channel wet reverb outputs? (any estimated release dates for mir3d by the way?) Thank you in advance