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  • Sibelius to Protools Advice on making mock ups

    Hello everyone,

    I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to walk me through the process by which one might sensibly go from a completed score in Sibelius Ultimate to a mock up in Protools 2021.6.0.

    I have a large orchestral piece (~25mins), (picc.3.altfl.2.cor.3.Eb.BassCl.2.CFg. timp 7perc cel harp str, including mutes on strings and brass) that I would like to create a better mock up for than that which you can get just exporting audio from Sibelius (playback with VE Pro Sever has been lovely.) My server project has 67 channels in it, and I want to work efficiently, to ensure things like articulation changes are exported properly.

    I have 0 experience with ProTools - I'm normally a notation based composer, but things have changed professionally and there seems to be a demand for high quality mock ups. I appreciate this might be more than a single forum post can answer, so I was wondering if any of the more experienced midi-wizards would be up for tutoring me through using all this wonderful gadgetery I have access to!

    I've read the ProTools Guide, which I explained how to connect things up between VE Pro Sever and ProTools - I can manage that with small scores, but I seem to run out of outputs pretty quickly... Am I missing some clever way of exploting the unlimited number of channels in Pro Server?

    I don't really want to have to manually play in everything - some of the patterning is quite unusual, and presumably with lots of articulation changes comes lots of buggering around in ProTools if they aren't already saved somewhere by the soundset from Sibelius??)

    (Libraries I have: Synchron Strings 1, Synchron strings pro, Synchron Elite Strings, Sychron FX Strings I, Synchron Power Drums, SYzd Appassionata Strings, SYzd Chamber Strings, SYzd Chamber Strings Sordino, SYzd Solo Strings, SYzd Dimension Strings, SYzd Woodwinds, SYzd Dimension BRass, SYzd Elements, SYzd Plucked Instruments, SYzd Special Keyboards, SYzd SPecial Edition Plus Vols-  1-7).

    Lastly, I'm not necessarily wedded to ProTools as a DAW, if MusicXML exporting (or some other feature) would make this better, happy to move to a recommended platform, so long as it runs on Windows.



  • Hello Callum!

    Here are the necessary steps in short to bring your Sibelius score to another platform.

    1. Open your project and Sibelius playback configuration with Sibelius.

    2. Export a MIDI file with Sibelius with your current playback configuration. Please note that MusicXML is a good tool to bring notation from one platform to another, but it is inept to bring playback from one platform to another.

    3. Save your Vienna Ensemble Pro Server project and keep it preserved.

    4. Open the DAW and import the MIDI file.

    5. Assign the Vienna Ensemble Pro plugin and make channel assignments.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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