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  • Panning in Synchron Player or in the DAW?

    Hi, I would like to pan some instrument of the Synchron series. I wonder if I can simply use the Pan control in the host DAW to shift all the channels, or I should use the Pan control in the mic channels inside Synchron Player. If this latter is true, should I only pan the close and middle mics, or the room mics should also be panned?


  • Hi Paolo, 

    I'd use the internal panning. Panning will have most effect on the close and mid mics, of course.  The room sound will stay the same, if you don't plan super-drastic changes (which you can). 

    I know that you have some of our Synchron Pianos, that's a good option to study the different mixer presets (e.g., when positioning a piano that was originally recorded to the left => in the middle. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you, Paul. Yes, you are right, the Imperial is a great way to see how you dealt with extreme panning.