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  • VEP7 - Cubase 11 Pro - Enable/Disable Tracks/Channels

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    Hello all.

    I am looking for some guidance on how to setup a Cubase orchestral template whereby I can automate the enabling / disabling of channels that reside in VEP 7. I have watched two YT videos where this is being done. Unfortunately, I have been out of the loop for so long that what I see being done in those presentations feels totally foreign to me.

    The specific part that I am confused by is where a short (tiny) region of a midi track in Cubase is muted / unmuted. When unmuted that action appears to enable the corresponding channel in VEP7. I have reached out to both presenters but sadly their response really has not been of much help. I am providing the links below as well as their response. Your time and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    A Cubase / Disabled VE Pro Template

    Composing Live

    When asked about the small squares that appear at the start of every track the response was:

    Yes, those are basically small regions that all have a CC19 triggered at 1 unit which enables the tracks on inside of VEP. So, at the start of my session, I'll unmute the event (which is white when muted) and then press play.
    Then that makes it so all the instruments are triggered to activate on. Then I mute it back while composing for that session.

    The other response that I received when reaching out to the gentleman in the first YT video was:

    If I understand you correctly, you just record the key like any midi into cubase - one note on the keyroll.
    Mute the part by default, and umute when you need it - job done!

  • Hello Tonelabaudio and welcome to the forum.

    Very good question - I too am curious about exactly how and why people use these little automation regions at the beginning of the timeline in the DAW; not only for the case of enabling/disabling VEP channels.

    I've seen many YT videos in which these little regions are present; but I've yet to feel any pressing need for them myself. I've always assumed they are (or perhaps were, historically) simply a quick and convenient way to set up a default orchestral balance, default instrument articulations, etc, at the start of a new composing session, or else perhaps at some other moment where a new segment of the composition needs to be tried without continuing from the current state of various automation tracks.

    And yet ... VEP remembers the state of everything when saved, whether as an ongoing project or as a fresh, empty, fully populated, fully balanced, fully disabled, default template. And the DAW - Logic usually for me - always sends the right programmed automation (track and/or region based) according to where the play pointer is in the timeline. So why the need for these little automation regions at the beginning? Is it perhaps just a Cubase thing?

    For enabling/disabling each MIDI channel in VEP I have two buttons set up on my MIDI controller keyboard, but in practice I just don't use them. On my iMac I have VEP in one desktop and my DAW in another, and I flick back and forth between desktops as I want; which includes enabling or disabling one or more channels in VEP as and when needed. But like I said, VEP remembers the state of everything when saved; so when and why would I need to programme some special automation at he beginning of the timeline, just for the sake of reproducing the already saved enabled/disabled state of VEP's channels in a project?

    I'm perfectly willing to be educated. Anyone help us out on this?

  • Good morning @Macker

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    Thank you so much for chiming in. The mystery deepens as we anxiously await some additional input.

    Ultimately, the workflow that I would like to achieve is as follows:

    1 - Launch my VEP7 orchestral template with all channels disabled. I have witnessed a massive improvement in load time when doing so.

    2 - Launch my Cubase 11 Pro orchestral template with all tracks disabled.

    3 - Have those small midi regions that I discussed in my original post exist on every track and muted.

    4 - Choose to enable a single track (or all tracks) along with its corresponding channel in VEP7 when "unmuting" said midi region. Or, hit play and have all CB tracks / VEP7 channels become active.

    Note: I have managed to create the small midi region at the start of a single midi track. With the playhead located before the small midi region I hit play and see that the status of the associated channel in VEP7 switches to channel enabled.

    It's a start I suppose. I have a feeling that the solution (in part at least) lies in setting up the Parameter Automation appropriately.

    Back to the drawing board Watson!

    Have a safe & wonderful day!