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  • Consolidating separate libraries


    I would like to consolidate into an individual preset separate, but related libraries, like Regular, Sordino, Tasto and Ponticello libraries.

    My idea is to create a top level dimension, into which to copy the individual libraries. For example, a dimension with the Regular, Sordino, Tasto and Ponticello cells.

    These would be selected by their set of keyswitches (or CC values). In Dorico, for example, a technique like "ord." would select the Regular branch, "pont." the Ponticello branch, and so on.

    But the structure of the individual branches should be the same, or I fear it would not work.


  • Hope you'll share when you're done!

    I'm surprised VSL doesn't provide these presets...

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    @Bill said:

    Hope you'll share when you're done!

    Bill, in the end I'm deciding to continue with the creation of my own presets and maps. Having the official maps is however a source of inspiration.

    VSL have their timing in releasing the various parts of a library, and their idea of how they have to be used and controlled. It is not necessary mine. That's why many of us love the extreme flexibility of their players!

    Making custom presets is a lot of work, but with the copy&past allowed by Synchron Player it is less than in the past.


  • Ized Dimension Strings CPU And System Advice/296123

  • Thank you, Rich!

    In the meantime, I’ve done my Synchron Brass presets and Dorico expression maps, starting from the original data supplied by VSL. I guess it has been just a matter of a few hours in total.