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  • Midi Controller Recommendation

    I am looking for recommendations for keyboard-less midi controller (knobs and faders) to complete my PC based Cubase system. I looked at the Monogram series but I am sure there are others. Any thoughts? Thank you for reading this -- Joel

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    I've used the StudioLogic SL Mixface for some time and it's been rock solid.

    SL Mixface - Studiologic (

    Build quality is very good and the faders/knobs feel great. Can easily switch (push one button) between being a standard midi controller and a basic DAW control surface for Cubase, Logic, Studio One, etc.

    The thing I like most with instruments like the Synchron Player is that the faders are big enough to give me subtle control, but are small enough that I can ride two or three of them at a time easily. The faders and knobs are tight and really stay in place when I take my fingers off of them (no drift).

    Maybe one to consider.

  • Thanks for the information. It seems very nice, will consider it for sure. Have a wonderful day.