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  • Very Slow Load Vienna Ensemble Pro

    Hi all

    I'm working on a film and have two (almost) parallel systems:

    Home Studio

    Self Built Windows 10 PC running as a slave to an iMac running Logic. I've got Vienna Ensemble Pro on the PC with a fairly large template with 9 instances. The samples are all on a dedicated NVMe Drive. Loading the entire template takes about 45 seconds or so - not bad!

    Film Studio 

    A brand new MacPro Big Sur with 384GB of memory running the same template on Vienna Ensemble Pro standalone. 16TB of NVMe drives on a PCIe slot holding all the samples (more than enough at the moment!). The load time for the same template which I shuttle between systems is over 15 mins. 

    Most instances load fairly quickly but when it gets to the 6th - which happens to be my Synchro Scoring Strings library it just starts crawling. It's quite frustrating if I need to restart for whatever reason - those 15 mins start to add up. 

    I always start Vienna Ensemble first, before Logic, so it's not a coupling issue but I'm sure I'm doing something stupid or not doing something stupidly obvious. Can anyone help me? 

    I've searched for this issue obviously but can only seem to find issues with PCs (which in my case is totally fine). in the Windows cases there seemed to be an issue with Windows Defender virus scanning everything. Is there a similar issue with Big Sur and its over eager privacy settings maybe? Or something else?

    Any help gratefully accepted!



  • Hi Chris, 

    Strange. I'd try to move the Synchron Elite Strings (I think those are the "Synchro Scoring Strings" you refer to) to another location on your drives and reassign it in the Settings => Database. 

    I'd also check if the template loads faster in a VE Pro Server instead of the VE Pro Standalone. 

    Maybe that helps us find out what's going on. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul

    Thanks so much for replying so swiftly...

    I'll definitely try moving the slow library (actually it's Synchron Strings I and Synchron Strings Pro) - I stupidly used the instance name. Anyway, I'll try moving them when I get a chance.

    I am in fact using the Ensemble Pro Server version - oops, failed to mention that. 

    I'll report back when I've moved stuff.