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  • [SOLVED] CUBASE 11 not showing server instances

    I'm having an odd problem. When I start my session, Cubase will see all instances, butthen after a while, if I try and connect another instance, they have all gone from the server. Is there a "refresh function"? 

    Attached are 3 screenshots: 

    1. 2 windows showing an empty server window and a connected instance (Woodwinds)

    2. I disconnect the 2nd instance

    3. No instances whatsoever...

    Any advise?




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    Hi CJL,

    Looks like you are working with the DEMO version of VE Pro, although you have a permanent license.

    Please try with the "non-demo" software you find here.

    Also, I'd switch to different IP addresses, as shown in the VE Pro manual.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Thank you Paul! All problems resolved! 👍