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  • An unusual problem with Vienna Instruments

    As a newcomer to VSL, I have encountered an unusual problem in trying to use Vienna Instruments running on Windows 10. If I try to type a lower case ā€œcā€ into the window to name a Matrix, this never appears on screen. Similarly, if I try to type a lower case ā€œcā€ into the name for a cell within the Matrix View ā€“ nothing appears on screen.


    If however, I type a lower case ā€œcā€ into another application such as Word or Notepad and copy it, I can paste this into either location without difficulty.


    What am I missing please?

  • Hi!

    Many thanks for your report, I've forwarded this issue to our development team.
    This issue should only be present in the standalone version, if not please let me know.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Hi Ben,

    Yes, the issue presents in the standalone version of Vienna Instruments. I use Cakewalk for my DAW and if I use Vienna Ensemble as my virtual instrument, with Vienna Instruments as subs within Ensemble, the issue is not evident.

    This does however highlight another challenge within Cakewalk - if I invoke an instance of Vienna Instruments directly, Cakewalk never allows the keyboard focus to go onto Vienna Instruments. Any letter I type is interpreted by Cakewalk as a Cakewalk Keyboard Shortcut, even if Vienna Instruments is highlighted. I have no way of knowing whether this is a Cakewalk bug or something which VSL can address.